like: horses. rain. fall. grass. kansas. boots. colors. jeeps. animals. books. psychology. shoes. hot cocoa. rings. leggings. noodles and company. being blond. trees. ellipticals. prayers. plants. ceramics. thrift stores. OPI. plato's closet. singing in the car. kittens. snuggling. taco bell. chocolate milkshakes. summer. rats. fat people in the gym. leaves. socks.

dislike: mainstream literature. complainers. rude people. slow drivers. indie music. overpriced things. people that really are not that intelligent, but work really hard in class and then run around saying they're gifted. my ex boyfriend. breaking things. fat people that complain about being fat. when my phone battery dies. computer viruses.


Books have a way of making you homesick for a place you have never been.

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*tips chromosomes* m’tosis

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